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sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

Karmann Ghia Club Italia

O Karmann Ghia Club Italia é o mais novo associado do KG Clube de Belo Horizonte. Seu presidente honorário é o recém falecido Sr. Sérgio Sartorelli, engenheiro mecânico e designer de automóveis italiano que trabalhou na Carrozzeria Ghia e na FIAT durante os anos 60 a 90. Pela Carrozzeria Ghia, o Sr. Sartorelli foi o principal responsável pelo projeto do Karmann Ghia alemão tipo 34, que completará 50 anos em 2011.
O Karmann Ghia Club Italia é liderado pelo competente e simpático Antonio Pellegrino que nos honrou com o convite para nos tornarmos membros honorários de seu clube (convite prontamente aceito!).

The Karmann Ghia Club Italia is the newest partner of KG Clube de Belo Horizonte. Its honorary president is the recently deceased Mr. Sergio Sartorelli, the famous mechanical engineer and car designer who worked for the Italian Carrozzeria Ghia and Fiat during the years 60-90. While at Carrozzeria Ghia, Mr. Sartorelli was primarily responsible for the design of the German Type 34 Karmann Ghia. 
The Karmann Ghia Club Italia is led by competent and friendly Antonio Pellegrino who honored us with the invitation to become honorary members of his club (which was promptly accepted!).

Um comentário:

  1. Dear Levindo,

    With you the Karmann Ghia triangle is now perfect. A car designed in Italy, built in Germany and (also in Brasil) and so we can cover at 100% also the TC story (Italian design) an German Brasilian based car industry….

    I will translate your article and put on our web site (as I – and I’m sure Klaus too - will do if you have material about TC).

    The Italian club has a deep friendship link with Klaus, Karmann Ghia Lippe and his members and they all are part of our joung story. (More Klaus is really one of my best friends).

    I hope you know that Mr. Sartorelli was (better is) our Honoray President and I will put a link towards your wonderful web site on our.

    I’m sure we can palling something all togheter (why not contact Giorgetto Giugiaro to have his story about the TC?...)

    More is a tradition that important person of Karmann Ghia World become honorary member of our Club (free membership of course…) so I’m happy to ask you (as Klaus told for what you’ve done for KG movement) to accept this membership on Karmann Ghia Club Italia…

    I hope you change soon the name in Karmann Ghia Club Brasil…

    Once more I have to thank my friend Klaus, introducing you..


    Antonio Pellegrino